Support Carbon County 4-H and FFA Programs

Support Carbon County 4-H and FFA Programs

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (BHHS) [.1] Floberg Real Estate recently had the distinct honor of purchasing a hog at the Carbon County Fair from Malia Bariess, a dedicated 4-H Member. This act of support not only allowed us to invest in the future of a promising young individual but also strengthened our belief in the importance of community engagement.

Carbon County 4-H and FFA Programs: Cultivating Excellence

These two programs are more than just organizations; both are nurturing grounds for young minds—places where dreams are cultivated and skills are honed. Through a wide range of initiatives, these programs empower our youth to explore their passions, develop crucial life skills, and prepare for careers in their chosen vocations.

For many young individuals, the 4-H and FFA programs offer a unique platform to gain hands-on experience in various fields, from agriculture and animal husbandry to leadership and community service. The values of hard work, dedication, and responsibility are instilled in these young members, setting them on the path to success.

A Call to Support and Donate Locally

Our experience with the Carbon County 4-H and FFA Programs has reinforced our belief in the power of local community organizations in our Montana counties. These organizations play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our communities by investing in the education and development of our youth.

As we express our gratitude, we also extend an invitation to fellow realtors and businesses in our community to consider supporting the Carbon County 4-H and FFA programs. Your contributions, whether financial or through volunteering, can make a substantial difference in the lives of young individuals and your community…your home. How can you help? Contact Carrie Guderjahn by phone 406-962-3522 or email

BHHS Floberg Real Estate is grateful for the essential work of these organizations. Let[.1]  us come together as a community to support the Carbon County 4-H and FFA programs. By doing so, we not only invest in the future but also reaffirm the spirit of unity and support that makes our community special. Together, we will build a better tomorrow for our community. DONATE TODAY!