Stetson Zumbrun

Meet Stetson Zumbrun: Your Trusted BHHS Real Estate Agent in Billings, Montana


In the sprawling landscape of Montana, finding the right property can be a transformative experience. That's where Stetson Zumbrun, your trusted BHHS Real Estate Agent, comes into play. With roots that run deep in the heart of Montana, Stetson brings not only a passion for the land but also a commitment to providing personalized, transparent, and seamless solutions for all your real estate needs.

A Homegrown Beginning

From the quiet town of Roberts, Montana, Stetson's connection to the land is more than just professional - it's personal. Growing up on a family farm, he learned values like diligence, commitment, and hard work from an early age. These principles have been the cornerstone of his journey, shaping him into the dedicated real estate agent he is today.

Education and Expertise

After graduating from Roberts High School, Stetson took his first steps towards a career deeply rooted in the land. His pursuit of Landscape Design at Montana State University in Bozeman provided him with both the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to understand the potential of every piece of land he encounters.

Stetson's journey didn't end in the classroom. He worked in the Bakken/Cedar Creek Anticline oil fields, gaining a unique perspective on land and its possibilities. This diverse background equips him with a comprehensive understanding of Montana's varied terrains.

From Landscaping to Real Estate

Stetson's story is one of evolution. For eight fulfilling years, he co-owned a landscaping business in Red Lodge, Montana. During this time, he ventured into property development and management, honing his skills in understanding the intricacies of real estate from a different angle. In 2021, he took the leap into the world of real estate, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective.

Your Personalized Real Estate Experience

Stetson Zumbrun believes in simplicity and transparency. Whether you're buying or selling, he is dedicated to crafting a seamless, enjoyable experience tailored to your unique needs. With Stetson, you can expect a clear path through the complexities of the Montana real estate market.

"Let's Turn The Key!"

For Stetson Zumbrun, real estate isn't just about transactions; it's about opening the door to new beginnings. With him by your side, you have a partner who is committed to guiding you through the journey with expertise, dedication, and a personal touch.

Ready to navigate the Montana real estate market? Stetson Zumbrun is eager to help you turn the key to your next chapter.


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