Once upon a time, real estate was thought to slow down as the new year approached, giving way to hot cocoa and flurries of snow. These days, we know better, and when winter comes around, it’s also the time to buy or sell your house. So, grab your mug, sit down by a fire and find out why now is the season of homes for the holidays...


Twinkling with holiday lights, garland, and the sweet smell of cinnamon and ginger, your house will shine bright to eager buyers looking for their perfect home.

Holiday Decor
Christmas Holiday Decor photo by Calvin Hanson


Temperature isn’t the only thing dropping this winter; mortgage rates are near historic lows and could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Consider getting pre-approved now to see where you stand, and when you see something come up, you'll be ready to jump on it!

Mortgage Rates


Homes are new beginnings for buyers and sellers. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, sellers will want to start fresh and buyers will want to be all settled into their new home. Google searches for "homes for sale" increase nearly 30% the week of the new year, increasing online traffic to match numbers we usually see in August! If you don't get started by December 31st there's a bigger chance you're going to miss out!



Tax benefits are the ultimate holiday gifts for both buyers and sellers who close before the end of the year. (See your tax advisor for more details and the best advice to take advantage of a transaction that takes place before December 31.)



Serious buyers are out. Your home won’t be subject to casual window shoppers, (they’re too busy at the mall or on their computer searching for holiday gifts). Instead you'll have more serious buyers, and more meanigful feedback.

Die Hard Buyers


Most homebuyers have extra time off from work during the holidays, which means more hours in the day to search for a home.

More Free Time


You can increase your relocation business. January is typically the month when employees are transferred to new positions. To capture these buyers, your home must be on the market now because they often can’t wait until spring.


If you found our Homes for the Holiday tips helpful, and we hope you did, the best gift you could give us this Christmas is to share it with someone you know who's thinking of buying or selling a house to help them get a leg up on the competition too! Don't feel shy about calling us with questions! We're here to help!