2022 Billings Gazette Readers' Choice

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Thank you so much for nominating us for the Readers' Choice in the following Categories! We would appreciate your continued support of our office, and Robin Hanel, who was also nominated Billings' Best Real Estate Agent, in the coming weeks!

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Floberg Real Estate has been the leader in our Real Estate market for over 60 years. With 3 locations, 50+ agents, and 5 staff members we're constantly working to give you the best service possible!

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<p>Floberg RE</p>

Floberg RE

Best Real Estate Brokerage

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<p>Floberg RE</p>

Floberg RE

Best Customer Service

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<p>Floberg RE</p>

Floberg RE

Best Place to Work

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<p>Robin Hanel</p>

Robin Hanel

Best Real Estate Agent

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