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Say a lot for a little with some of these common Real Estate abbreviations.

So. You're looking at a house with a lot of features, the pictures are nice, but what else is there to it? You stop to check the property description box and all of a sudden, you're reading a seemingly incomprehensible jumble of letters and symbols that absolutely wouldn't have been approved in 5th grade English class. What's wrong with actual sentences anymore?! Well, we're with you there. We like our vowels and proper comma usage as much as the next person, but what a lot of people don't know is that listings online, much like tweeting on Twitter, has a character limit. That means you can only have so many letters in your description!


Okay... it's not quite THAT restrictive. But character limits become incredibly infuriating with larger homes that house more special features. Suddenly you're weighing the value of your "Stainless Steel Appliances" against your "Tile Floor & Quartz Counters"... That's when abbreviating comes into play.


Even when the character limit doesn't come into play, the attention span of the average home buyer is relatively short, and it's important to say as much as you can, as fast as you can before you lose them! You never can tell what amenity in your house will be the one to win their heart, so it's important to get everything out fast!

So, that being said, here's a list of our most commonly abbreviated words in our property descriptions and advertising copy to help you translate that "Text Speak" you'll sometimes see, or use yourself...


ac Acres
apt Apartment
att Attached
b/y Backyard
bsmt Basement
bath Bathroom
ba Bathroom*
bed Bedroom
bd Bedroom*
C/A Central Air
cer Ceramic
CAM Common Area Maintenance
ext Exterior
fam Family
f/p Fireplace
fl Floors
FSBO For Sale By Owner
fntg​ Frontage
gar Garage
gfa Gas Forced Air
htd Heated
hvac Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
HOA Home Owners Association
int Interior
irrig Irrigated
lrg Large
lg Large*
lvg Living
ll Lower Level
​mts​ Mountains
o/s Oversized
pat Patio
​rvr​ River
rm Room
sq ft Square Feet
sf Square Feet*
ss appl Stainless steel appliances
ste Suite
UGSP Underground Sprinklers
w/ With
w/o Without
wd Wood
yr Year

*Super abbreviated form

edited by Hilary Rothstein
2017 Advertising & Marketing Coordinator