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The history of Katie's Maps and the Maps for Kids community project

Maps for Kids

2017 marks the 14th year of our state-wide Montana program that brings students two quality laminated maps to the classroom. A long time community project of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Floberg Real Estate.

1st graders receive a USA Map
4th graders receive a Montana History Map.

Our program benefits around 12,000 students and teachers from each of the two grades and is approved by the Governor and State Superintendent of Schools.

We try to reach every public and private school in Montana!

2017 Maps for Kids
Katie's Maps
A photo of Don Floberg holding two of Katie's Maps

"Over 40 years ago, when our children were little, we came across a laminated map of the USA. For many years, it brought much family enjoyment.

Several years later, we enjoyed it again with our granddaughter, Katie. When Katie was in first grade, she called one day, "Grandpa, our class is talking about the United States. Can I take that old map to show and tell?" Well, she did, and the teacher was so pleased that she asked if I could make one for every first grader in her class. I did.

We eventually created a second map, the Lewis and Clark History Map for the 4th graders. The popularity grew and grew, and now, with the help of sponsors, we furnish "Katie's Maps" to all 1st and 4th graders in the whole state." --Don and Marilyn Floberg

After obtaining an updated and accurate count of students, the maps are produce, packaged, and delivered by mail, free of charge to the students.

That's no small task when you have 12,000+ maps to send out!

A lot goes into this project, not the least of which are the volunteers who help to count out, package, and mail out these maps to the schools.

Without their help, delivering the maps would be as hard as making them!

A special thanks to Mimi Parkes, Vicki Dale, Lue Ponich, and Dianne Noddings for their time and effort on this project.

Maps for Kids Volunteers
Maps for Kids Boxes  

This year's corporate sponsors for Maps for Kids are displayed on the back of the maps. Please remember, without their support, this map project would stop.

To keep these maps free of charge, we must raise $20,000 each year from participating community-minded sponsors.

But you can help!

To keep this most-appreciated educational tool coming to you, the sponsors need to hear directly from the students and teachers through a note of thanks, a picture, or a drawing.

Most display ads include a way to contact the sponsors. If there is a local office of the sponsor, please direct the comments there, we assure you they are greatly treasured!

We know they are here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Floberg Real Estate.

Here's to the kids!

edited by Hilary Rothstein
2017 Advertising & Marketing Coordinator