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  Is the Real Estate market slowing down, or is it just the weather?

Nothing's worse than listing your home and waiting for it to get attention, we know, and if you list during the snowy season, you're in good company. A recent study of commonly used search terms in google over the past 5 years seems to indicate a not so surprising trend.

Studying this graph, you can see there is a definite pattern here. Starting in August, the home searches start to drop off, but almost like magic, at the very first of the year, these statistics skyrocket back up to the top! If we'd have to make a guess, there would be a few reasons or this.

Come August most families have settled in for the new school year, any moving or changing in school boundaries would probably already have gotten taken care of, and nobody wants to more their kid after they've started a new year. After that you have the holidays when things really take a turn and stay low in the home searches.

But why the sudden increase right at the beginning of the year? Most likely, it's some form of resolution. "This is the year we're going to get into a new home!" similar to that gym membership everyone buys at the beginning of the year. If you're thinking of listing a home this winter or spring, get it on the market before the first.

Really, this information isn't anything new, and just confirms what any experienced REALTOR would tell you, but it's nice to see this backed up through reliable statistics! Stick it out through the new year, and listen to your agent! We'll get you through.

edited by Hilary Rothstein
2016 Advertising & Marketing Coordinator.