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We are proud to announce the National Award Winners for 2015! Congratulations to all our hard working agents!



Roundtable Award 

 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Floberg Real Estate



Chairman's Circle - Diamond

 Ron Thom  



Chairman's Circle - Platinum

 Pat Schindele  



Chairman's Circle - Gold

 Sheila Larsen  
 Tom & Robin Hanel  
 Stephanie & Dan Patterson  
 Lance Egan  
 Myles Egan  
 Larry Larsen  



President's Circle

Jeanne Peterson  
 Darwin George  
 Ginger Nelson  
 Maya Burke  
 Susan B. Lovely  



Leading Edge Society

 Stella Osello Burke  
 Gina Moore  
 Greg Propp  
 Karen Frank  
 Rhonda Grimm  
 Martha Ridgway  



Honor Society

 Cal Northam  
 Jase Norsworthy  
 Michael Oliver  
 Sali Armstrong  
 Diana Carrol  
 Courtney Pope  
 Cheryl Burows  




 Travis Dimond