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Six words a Real Estate agent would cover their ears for.


Liens, for those of you who don't know, is a legal claim against a property owner because some sort of debt is owed, usually to a contractor. These sort of things happen when a seller hasn't paid their HOA dues in 3 years, they didn't pay a contractor completely for work they did on the house, etc... A house cannot be sold until these liens are rectified, so it can be very troublesome for a buyer.



As in, the periodic element (The other kinds of lead are fine!) This one can be scary, but it's not as bad as most people think it is. Educating yourself and doing the right things can mean you won't have to even think about it past the lead disclosure... If you're really worried, ask your Real Estate agent, they answer questions about stuff like this all the time.



This is a scary word that makes us hold our breath just thinking about it, and it comes with a lot of OTHER questions. How did the mold get there? Are we in a flood zone? Is there a leak (bonus 4 letter word right there)? Does the roof need replacing? Mold's most powerful weapon, is doubt and suspicion.



This might be regional but NOTHING will strike fear into a Real Estate agent like the word hail. It can delay closings, halt construction, lose sellers, and a menagerie of other terrible things. The worst part is waiting for it to get fixed. You likely aren't the only one to get hit, and if you don't act fast, roofing companies can be booked out for months. If you're looking for a real estate agent, just walk into a crowded shop and shout "Hail" loudly, and the one that flinches the most is probably your winner...



This doesn't come across too often, thank goodness, but when it does it's just heart wrenching. Everything else on this list can be remedied relatively easily, with a little time and money, but fire is just so completely destructive. It's probably the most emotional 4 letter word on this list.



Surprised? Don't be. Real estate agents are as superstitious as baseball players, if the amount of St. Joseph statues we have on hand says anything... And the number one rule about Real Estate: It's not sold until the check is in your hand.

There are even a dozen different ways to say sold, without saying sold. Under Contract, Pending, Contingent, Contingent (with first right of refusal), all varying degrees of "sold-ness". Advertising a house as sold when the final papers aren't signed is the kiss of death... Sellers beware... treat this 4 letter word with respect.


edited by Hilary Rothstein
2017 Advertising & Marketing Coordinator