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Teaming up for a cause.

Every year there's an event that divides the Floberg offices in two. An event that is planned for, and anticipated all year round.

Steak and Beans.

To explain. Our agents are given a team during this Mexican themed office event, and compete against other agents in the office to see which side can be the most productive, and at the end of it all, who can be the most generous when everyone gets together to donate to a good cause.

The shenanigans always start sometime during the late spring and last for about two months. During that time everyone turns into super-agents, listing and selling as fast as they can to earn points for their team.

 ... And between all that, they sometimes find time for a prank or two to make sure the other team is on their toes. So if your agent seems a little jumpy during these two months, it's probably for a good reason.

Mostly it's fun and games.

Until someone gets a parking ticket.

But if you don't mind the occasional bear invasion.

You might learn something.

Steak and Beans is always a surprise, but there's still a few constants throughout the years...

The winners will always gloat.

The losers will always serve.

And when it comes to dessert.

They put their money where their mouth is.

This year's recipient of the raised finances went to Hannah House Ministries, a subset of the Billings Community Leadership & Development Inc. Their goal is to provide safe, transitional housing for women in need. Our agents were generous, accumulating nearly $10,000 for their cause. Click here to learn more about the CLDI.

edited by Hilary Rothstein
2016 Advertising & Marketing Coordinator.